Online Dating Site Reviews – The Good, Bad, Dirty, and Down Right Ugly

onlinedating keyboard

Have you ever wondered which dating sites will give you the best pool of men?  Are the free ones as good as the paid ones?  What about those  so called Millionaire Dating Sites?  Are there really Millionaires there?

This page will help outline our first hand experiences of various sites.  Hopefully we will provide useful information you can use to choose a site that will meet your needs and personality.

Let’s see…where to shall we begin?  If you were to type “online dating sites” into any search engine you would be presented with page, after page, after page, of options for meeting eligible hottie’s in your area.  More specific searches provide even more results for you crafty web searching kids out there.

For example – perhaps you are a rural gal searching for a farmer type, good ole’ boy.  You decide to type in “date a farmer”.  Guess what pops up…  Yes, there is a site just for farmers.  Heck, there are sites for single parents, motorcycle lovers, sports car lovers, travel lovers, money lovers, dog lovers, Christian’s, and even cougars.  This is just a small sample of the dating sites that are right at the tips of your fingers.  They try desperately to pull you into their trap with tempting pictures of really hot, sexy, fine specimens but what will you find when you enter?  We are here to help.  Without further ado, let’s get started.

Free Sites

Plenty of Fish, also known as or just POF – If you are looking for a booty call ONLY or looking to hook up with a MARRIED guy, this is your site! 80% of the emails I receive here are just for these purposes.  I find it rare that a man is looking for a committed relationship here.  When I first started online dating, I had no clue what I was doing.  This was the first site that came up in my search window.  Not knowing anything, I thought why pay for something until I know if I am comfortable with this online thing.  So, naturally I thought the men were thinking the same.  Boy was I WRONG!  Let’s be honest….what quality do you think we will find on a free site?  Bottom of the barrel my friend!  Although…be full warned, you may see many of these same people on the paid sites, as well.  The dating pool is smaller than you think.

OK Cupid – Better than POF, but there are certainly some strange questions they like you to answer.  Several of the questions are specifically addressing sexual desires, likes, etc.  Personally I feel this is not something I want to advertise if I am looking for more than a one night stand.  I have met some great people on this site.  They had real jobs, goals, and a vision for their life.  Most of these guys were like me.  Newly single with kids and giving the online dating a try for free before going to a paid site.

Popular Paid Sites

Match.Com – By far one of my favorites.  It’s easy to set up a profile, no weird sex questions, and easy to interact with people.  Be full warned though…some of the people on POF are here, as well.  I’m really not sure if they are trying to cast their net wider, if they are desperate, or if they just forgot to delete the other profile.  Not too expensive and some weekends they have free previews, which are great!  You can search for free to determine if there is enough scenery for you to officially join.  If you are a paid member, you get a daily email with matches they think would work for you and you can enter your own criteria to find other matches.  If you sign up for 6 months, they guarantee you will find a relationship or you get your money back.  What could go wrong?  (I’m rolling my eyes as I type this)

E-harmony- If you are the type of person that really wants to move slowly, this is the site for you.  You have to take multiple steps before you get to “open communication”, otherwise known as email.  Users start will a series of 5 questions that have multiple choice answers.  If both parties agree to move forward, they will move onto share their “Must Have’s and Can’t Stands”.  These are basically personal values you each have that must be adhered to if you have any luck of success.  Assuming you can live with such demands, users move into the open ended answer question.  This section gives each user the opportunity to answer 3 questions by typing a response.  If all goes well, you move onto email!  YAY!  What I have found is that it takes days to get to the email phase.  By that point you really don’t remember the person, and there is no excitement that has been generated to get to this point.  It’s hard to strike up a conversation after so much guidance within the system.  Also, I find the matches to be completely opposite of what I am looking for.  Apparently, science never agreed with me!  This site is also really pricy for what you get.  There is no ability to search for new matches.  The only matches you are able to see are those that are system generated for you.  So, if you don;t like any of the 5-7 matches you got today, you’re out of luck until tomorrow.  Too bad, so sad!


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