How to Lose a Girl in 2 Dates

28665774The first rule of dating is to remember the “mirror effect”.  As in, if they acted they way you are acting you would be running for the border. Here’s the story of the pool date gone awry….

First of all, we met for lunch earlier in the week. It was a good meeting – easy conversation, laughed plenty, not awkward at all.  Even though I wasn’t really attracted to this guy, he seemed really nice and decided to give it a second date. Unfortunately, his idea of an ideal second date was my idea of hell.  He asked me to come hang out at the pool on Saturday afternoon.  I had nothing better to do so I said yes.

The pool was really pretty – though an upscale apartment community pool.  We sat next to some 20-somethings who were his friends, apparently. Next came down the divorced heavy set dude that he’s been friends with for the last 5 years…..that they have been neighbors at the apartment complex.  I am a snob in that I expect a 40-something year old man to be a bit more settled than that. Also, if you think the “end all be all” of Saturday afternoons can be spent pool side with people 20 years younger than you while drinking beer and trading movie lines, you are NOT for me.  Ugh.

I made the mistake of drinking 1 too many beers to make it through the afternoon, and allowed Pool Guy to kiss me. Bad idea. He knew I needed to leave at 4 to make it for dinner plans, and correctly, made the assumption that my dinner was actually a date. He kinda freaked a little on that one. I mean, seriously?  We had lunch and spent a few hours at the pool. That doesn’t make me your girlfriend!

He actually texted me during my dinner date, that night, and several times the following morning.  Leilani and I call this type of guy a “Stage 5 Clinger”.  After avoiding his texts all afternoon, I finally replied back with a rock solid shoo-off. He was pissed.  He actually came really close to calling me a whore. WTF?  Anyway, his final come back was a text saying, “Erased”.  LOL. Thank GOD!


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