Don’t Date This Guy – The Reluctant Dater

man up

This date started off GREAT. The middle part – GREAT.  The end?  GREAT.  Problem? Yes.

I met this super hot, sweet, funny, modest, successful, smart man at a great restaurant overlooking the lake for an early dinner.  We seemed to hit it off fine, and the conversation never stopped.  In fact, it took us over an hour to order because we couldn’t stop talking and laughing.  How awesome is that?

After 2 bottles of wine, I know – bad idea, we went for a nice walk and talked. Then, we went to another restaurant bar to chat some more. AND, then he invited me over to his house to sit on the front porch swing and keep on talking.  He even promised to keep his hands to himself.

Ladies, this guy was so freaking gentlemanly that he made a point of switching places with me as we walked on the sidewalk because as he said, the man is supposed to walk on the street side to protect the lady. Holy crap!  Chivalry isn’t dead!  He opened doors, pulled out my chair, and blew my mind. His mama raised him right!

Back to the front porch swing… true to his word, the man didn’t make a move. After we both couldn’t stop yawning (it was 11 pm – we’d been on this date for 6 hours), he drove me back to my car.

I got a chaste hug, let’s keep in touch and definitely do this again, and then I threw out the Hail Mary.

I said I was going for a run the next morning if he wanted to join me since he was a fellow runner. He said it sounded good, and to text him in the a.m.  Also, he asked I text him when I got home so he’d know I was safe.  How sweet is that??

Fast forward to the next morning: He texts at 7:50 am.  His legs were really sore from the hill work he did the day prior, and his head was a little fuzzy from the wine. Running was out. So we chatted about the importance of coffee.  Brilliant Idea came to him. Let’s meet for coffee!  So, an hour later we were sitting in a café sipping some joe talking about inane things.

I didn’t even get a hug out of that rendezvous. Perhaps, I missed something?

After a few texts throughout the following week, we decided we should get together sometime the next week.  Texted that weekend….never set a date, so I asked if he had time. He said yes, we should touch base the next day to set something up later in the week. Sounded good to me.

Never heard from him the next day. Eh, oh well.  THEN, I get the kiss of death text. “hey. I had a really great time at dinner and everything. I was thinking. I’m just not ready to date. I hope that’s ok.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Whatevs.  So I sent back a very to the point text: No  Problem.

Boom. Done.

Ladies, lesson learned: If he seems a little skittish but still interested, chances are he’s a reluctant dater. Just dipping his toes in the dating water but not ready to swim. You will scare the shit out of him if you push him in. Just walk away.


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