Don’t Date This Guy – Narcissistic Penis

I don’t want to totally bash this guy because he was pretty nice, if not a little smarmy.  I had 2 dates with him and had decently high hopes. He’s tall, handsome, successful, great taste in just about everything, decent conversationalist, etc.

Then, I noticed that he seems to be in love with something. His Penis. I capitalize Penis because to him it’s like a separate entity to nurture and love.  How can someone be so obsessed with their own genitalia?  I wish I could elaborate on what it looked like but that’s not my M.O.  If I wanted a FuckBuddy, this guy would be all about it.  This guy needs to wear a tee-shirt proclaiming his love for his dick.i-love-my-penis-T-Shirts

Nope, I’m looking for an honest-to-goodness relationship with someone who digs ME. Crazy, I know.

I tried to employ my best “hard to get” tactics of avoiding his phone calls by sending them to voicemail and not calling back for 24 hours. It actually worked. When I would talk to him, he’d ask me to come over at 9 pm….booty call.  What??  To make matters worse he said, “Don’t worry. My daughter is a really heavy sleeper.”  OMG!  Are you fucking kidding me?  Booty call AND your kid is there?  How disgusting are you, Creepy Creeperson??

Result of that incredible insult?  I said No Thank you, and have refused to call him back.

Ladies, don’t get duped into thinking a guy is “all that” if he looks good on paper and interviews well, but blows it in the final round.  He’s not your Miss America. He’s a letch looking to get laid. Walk away.


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