Welcome to the Dirty!

This blog was created as a venting system for frustrated women in their 30’s who find themselves divorced with children and are thrust back into the scary-ass dating scene.

Remember when you were married?  You’d be out sitting with your girlfriends out at a restaurant on GNO (girls night out), sipping wine, laughing, and saying to each other, “Oh Thank GOD I’m not single anymore? Look at them at the bar. My GOD!  How desperate do you have to be?”

Well, guess what, Sister.  You are at the bar now. That’s you – The seemingly desperate one.

Put away that deer in head lights look because Daring, Dirty, and Daunting is here to help.  We are 2 BFFs who found solace in each other after the marriages failed and we had kids. In fact, we became friends as Preschool moms. Never pass up an opportunity to say hi to the girl dropping off her kid in the same classroom. She just may become your lifeline.

We are here to tell you about what kind of guys are out there who are trawling the pond, fishing for women. Yes, it’s kind of like that. We’ll tell you about the different dating sites, the friend/family set ups, the drama of the exes, how to juggle raising well adjusted kids AND dating (it’s possible), and offer insights into the male mind via our resident Divorced Dad (he’s pretty hot, too), and your Gay Best Friend…not the same guy. girls at bar


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